Player Character Rules

Character Transition

For your FIRST character transition, you can bring over your accumulated XP and wealth (including half the cost of your equipment and remaining gold/silver/bronze) to a new Character Creation process. You can roll or pick your race, roll for career (if you want a specific career, you can “buy” the difference between your random career and your new one with your XP), then go along the creation process as normal upping stats, buying talent/action cards, more wealth, etc.

Character Death

I never want the player to feel his or her character is disposable. That’s why, unlike the transition, when your character dies you can’t take over any wealth or XP.

To see how players can die, check out the Rules of Health and Healing page.

Player Character Bios

The current heroes are:
Aritriel, the exiled archer from Athel Loren.
Chiandra, the High Elf Navigator and tough melee fighter.
Kaspar the Shroud, Priest of Morr.
Loghar IronFoot, a dwarf on a mission from Zuftbar.

Past Player Characters

Duggan Spoonsworth in Session 06 retired from adventuring after arguing with Gustave.
Aghar Steelfist was last seen in Session 06 after grudgingly helping refugee slaves return home, safe and sound.
Gustave was last seen in Session 06 after helping refugee slaves return home, safe and sound.

Player Character Stats

To make a quick stats table, use the formula here: PC Stats Table


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