The Dwarfs, or Dawi (dwarf in the Khazalid language) are currently one of the oldest and most proudest races in the Warhammer World, with a great wealth of history and power that is on par with the High Elves of ancient Ulthuan.

They have many great halls throughout the World’s Edge Mountains, Black Mountains, and Grey Mountains that surround the east and south sides of the Empire. Some have been taken over by greenskins or other races due to the Dwarves’ dwindling numbers.

Their most notable halls:
Karaz-a-Karak: Dwarf capital city, place of High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer’s seat of power. South-east of Black Water in World’s Edge Mountains.
Karak Azgaraz: Dwarf hall near Ubersriek. Does a lot of trading with the Empire.
Karak Bhufdar
Kraka Drak
Karak Hirn
Karak Izor
Karak Kadrin: East of Ostermark in the World’s Edge Mountains.
Karak Norn: Next to Athel Loren, in the Grey Mountains, edge of Black Mountains
Barak Varr
Zhuftbar: East of Sylvania in World’s Edge Mountains

Lost Strongholds:
Karak Ungor: Lost during the Goblin Wars, run by vicious Night Goblins’ tribe called Red Eye.
Karak Vorn: Lost to Skaven. Overlooking Black Water, in World’s Edge Mountains.

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