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  • A new campaign begins in January with new heroes.

Campaign Summaries

Campaign 03: The Beginning of the End

Aritriel, Loghar, Chiandra, travel north based on their visions of an apocalypse. It leads them to the Crown of Domination, guarded by a Khorne bloodthirster in a Chaos shrine. Some heroes make the ultimate sacrifice, and the fate of the others is so far unknown. Only time will tell if they’ve ultimately stopped the End Times, or merely delayed the inevitable.

Campaign 02: The Enemy Within

Aritriel journeys on with new friends this time: the Human Initiate Shroud of Morr, Kaspar, a High-Elf Navigator named Chiandra, and another Dwarf Mercenary called Loghar Ironfoot. The four of them unwind a complex series of Cult-related events all the way to Bögenhafen, including stopping a Nurgle-worshipping Chaos group. Ultimately, they stop the noble-run Tzeentch Chaos cult known as the Ordo Septarius.

Campaign 01: A Story So Nice and Dire

Dwarf mercenary Aghar Steelfist and Wood Elf Scout Aritriel stumbled across slave fighting pits, responsible for kidnapping people across the Empire. After a few adventures, with gambler Duggan Spoonsworth and agent Gustave, they find their way back to the slave pits. This time, they see that nobles have been succumbing to the dark Chaos god Slaanesh, and his temptations in this floating fortress. The heroes crash the fortress into the Middle Mountains, and save all the slave refugees.

Session Summaries/Completed Quests

C3S20: Sacrifices are made. The End is here.
C3S19: Aritriel mutates. Chiandra’s insanse. Ada is crushed. Bloodthirster!
C3S18: Chiandra and Ada Fehr save Aritriel from Chaos Cultists.
C3S17: Aritriel saves Siluvaine, but is exiled from Athel Loren. Again.
C3S16: The heroes take out the Chaos-infested rebel leader.
C3S15: Kaspar goes missing, right before 3 armies surround the heroes!

C2S14: Investigation concludes, Bögenhafen is saved, and Ruggbroder pays.
C2S13: Investigation into Chaos leads to trouble with the authorities.
C2S12: Reached Bögenhafen with Jocoff, and come upon a Chaos Temple!
C2S11: Rescued Dorfbacher and interviewed by a Witch Hunter.
C2S10: Stopped the Chaos Nurgle-worshippers’ deadly ceremony.
C2S09: Kaspar and Chiandra travel to Weissbruck, followed by a stalker!
C2S08: Aritriel caused trouble on a ferry, and Kaspar found a body double!

I1S07: Stopped a Beastmen ambush on the unsuspecting town of Werder.

C1S06: Destroyed a floating Slaanesh fortress above the Middle Mountains.
C1S05: Found a Chaos Cultist around Castle Grauenburg.
C1S04: Killed off an infestation of Skaven in Ubersriek.
C1S03: Cleansed the road between Bogenhafen and Ubersriek of Greenskins.
C1S02: Returned Linus Heiligdorfer to his father in Bogenhafen.
C1S01: Escaped the slave fighting pits. Still don’t know who owned them, or how their teleportation magic works.

Quest Status

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