Aythe Dorfbacher

Competent, cool agent of Lord Grauenburg


She’s a competent woman who carries herself well and has a sarcastic wit. She’s beautiful, blonde, and wears expensive-looking clothes.


Aythe Dorfbacher first met the heroes in Bögenhafen, asking them if they were interested in taking a job rooting out a suspected Chaos Cultist in or around Castle Grauenburg. Though she is a loyal servant to her master, Lord Grauenburg, she cares more for the Empire as a whole.

Appearances: Session 5-6, 11

Dorfbacher, thanks to Aritriel, Gustave, Spoonsworth, and Aghar, found evidence that her Lord Grauenburg was in league with Chaos. The last time the PCs saw Dorfbacher was before they leapt into a Chaos portal to chase the heretic Lord.

In Session 11, Dorfbacher was rescued by Chiandra and Kaspar after a failed attempt to lead her platoon into a beastman-infested forest and root them out. Dorfbacher is now the Lady of Castle Grauenburg (now Castle Dorfbacher) and feels she has a better sense of duty and management then her political rival, Baron Jorge Heiligdorfer.

Aythe Dorfbacher

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