The Perils of Chaos

Session 15 (2519-08-02): Beastmen vs Dwarves vs Undead

Geralt met the heroes and warned them about Witch Hunter Meingot Ripertus coming to Bögenhafen. Despite being paid a wealthy amount from the rising noble Hieronymus Ruggbroder, no amount of gold would save them from the righteous wrath of a Witch Hunter. Geralt also suggested putting the Reikland Rebels out of their misery while they waited for Ripertus to blow through town and leave.

The heroes took a boat called the Ludmilla toward Mörlenfurt, along with what Kaspar recognized as the Strigany: undead-worshipping gypsies. After sailing downstream for some time, they saw a dead hamlet, to which the Strigany start looting. The heroes, except Kaspar, followed the Strigany to the plague-infested hamlet. Mercenaries stumbled across them and chose to fight them. Only after the heroes fought them off did they realize that their boat was missing, and so was Kaspar.

Loghar deduced that river trolls probably attacked the ferry, which explained the debris and Kaspar’s floating hat. The heroes chose not to swim in and look for him, instead thinking he was dead (poor Kaspar).

The heroes then decided to take the main road to Osburg rather than follow the risky bank of the river to Mörlenfurt. They arrived in town to find human heads on spikes that were… zombified! They gnawed, and stared after the heroes as they made their way to the center of town. A large town hall building was boarded up, but they could hear moaning on the other side. Aritriel climbed the 2-story structure and peered over the roof. She saw an insane dwarf surrounded by zombified dwarf heads on spikes.

The insane dwarf blew a horn that summoned an army of beastmen from one direction, an assortment of undead from another, and finally a dwarf/human regiment who marched toward the heroes, throwing out curses and death threats.

Chiandra called for everyone to hide out in the boarded-up town hall building. As Aritriel moved to join them, she slipped and fell off the roof, and landed with a sickening crack on the steps justs outside the door. Loghar pulled Aritriel’s body in, and Chiandra desperately applied first aid.

Loghar barricaded the door with tables and chairs. Aritriel recovered some health but suffered a twisted joint. At least everyone was alive and awake. They made their way upstairs where a someone blew a hole in the roof from the fighting outside amongst the three small armies. Chiandra overheard a small whimper from a nearby cupboard and discovered a small boy.

The boy recognized Aritriel, and the two of them briefly worked out their differences before hearing someone (or something) breaking down the barricade on the first floor. The heroes took Quintus back downstairs and into a wine cellar. They hid in emptied caskets while they heard something mean and large break into the town hall, and stomp around sniffing for its prey.

Finally it arrived in the wine cellar, and though it had trouble sniffing them out there, it heard the boy’s whimper and took him hostage. Hearing the boy’s blood-curdling scream, Chiandra burst out of her barrel to save him, coming face-to-face with the largest half-headed beastman they had ever seen.

It terrified the elves, but Loghar lunged forward to begin his attack, acting as the meat shield in this small room. It was a bloody fight that nearly killed them. Loghar was thrown through the ceiling and landed somewhere on the first floor. Aritriel fainted from exhaustion, and Chiandra was the only one left to check on the boy. Thankfully, he was alive.

Upstairs, the sounds of battle faded, and Chiandra went upstairs to check on Loghar. Instead she found another blonde-haired dwarf by the name of Aghar Steelfist, who was chagrined to see his old ‘she-elf’ friend Aritriel. His band of dwarves and humans then helped patch up the heroes a little and allowed them the first pick to help drive the Reikland Rebels out of the southern towns of Osburg, Mörlenfurt, and Ussingen.

With Osburg more-or-less freed, that left Ussingen and Osburg. The heroes picked Ussingen, as that was where the rebels were said to originate from. Aghar then decided to take his own team down to Mörlenfurt and exercise the bandits from that region.

The two teams agreed to meet back in Osburg in 3 days, and Aghar would have something special for Loghar as a reward. Still battered and bruised, the heroes carried on to the next town, in hopes to put an end to those wreaking such… chaos.


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