The Island-Continent of Ulthuan is home to the High Elves. They are one of the oldest races on the planet, and live for centuries.

Ulthuan diverts Chaos magic. Chaos erupts into the world from the north and south poles, but to prevent further corruption, Ulthuan acts as a vortex that takes that siphons Chaos energy away. This was done a long time ago by an elf named Caledor, whose son Malekith would later start the Sundering of Ulthuan.

Ulthuan lost a lot of land due to the Sundering- a civil war that divided the High Elves from each other, one calling themselves ‘Dark Elves’, who moved west to the New World.

The High Elves are far and few in between now, being besieged for millenia by Dwarves, Dark Elves, and Chaos, as well as a low childbirth rate.


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