The Cost of Survival

Overnight Rest


Sometimes it’s better to sleep in your own tent- providing you’ve taken good care of it. Camping equipment is necessary to recover stress/fatigue/wounds overnihgt. Your basic set is 2 silver, which will allow you to camp outdoors in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

For camping in winter or cold weather, you’ll need to invest in the 3g Rare Camping/Survival materials.

If you set up camp in a town, the Watch will ask once that you take your tent down or move into a rat-infested alley, which has a chance to ruin your equipment and make it disease-ridden, as if you were staying at a brass-tier lodge.

Brass-tier lodgings

The poorest of the poor, but if you lack camping equipment and are dirt poor, you can at least lodge here for overnight. Keep in mind that there is no privacy, and you have a good chance of catching a filthy disease.

In a brass-tier inn or lodge, a player can still recover wounds/fatigue/stress equal to their toughness/willpower rating. Anyone attempting a Resilience Check (for additional healing), and generates a Chaos Star, will have to draw from a Filth card from the Disease Deck.

Silver-tier lodgings

The middle-class inns that ask for silver coins are reasonably free of vermin, and have a variety of services to offer:
1 Silver = Common Room
3-4 Silver = Hostel-style, shared room with another guest.
5-6 Silver = Private Room, +2 Wounds recovered on overnight rest.

Gold-tier lodgings

The best of the best ask for at least 1 gold coin for each night’s stay. They have feather mattresses, free hot water, and room for up to 3 servants to stay in the common room. 10 gold ges a floor’s worth of rooms and a small feast for guests with entertainment, etc. +2 Wounds recovered on overnight rest.

Rations Cost

To survive in the Old World, you must spend 5 brass a day on food and drink alone. If you want to get by on survival alone, you can go as little as 3 brass a day, but will suffer a black misfortune die on all your rolls.

To have presered rations, called Iron Rations, you pay 10 brass. Iron Rations last a month, and is apparently 1 Enc per ration. The only time you’d need Iron rations is when venturing into uncivilised territory (like the Reikwald Forest, Badlands, or scaling across the mountainside with no Dwarf Hall in sight).

The Cost of Survival

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