Rules on Health and Healing

Overnight Rest

For every full night’s rest, a player will receive healing of normal wounds equal to that of toughness rating (as well as fatigue per toughness, and stress per willpower). That player can ALSO try a resilience check to recover additional wounds, or even critical.

If the resilience check is successful, the player can recover a critical wound (2d) with a severity rating equal or less than the number of successes generated. The critical wound is then turned into a normal wound. The player also recovers regular wounds equal to the number of boons generated.

A resilience check can also cure regular wounds with a 1d Challenge Die.

Short-Term Care and First Aid

To cure wounds, you’ll need:
1d Challenge Die (For critical wounds, you’ll need 2d Challenge Dice)
Toughness/Resilience Characteristic Dice.
Someone trained in first aid, you’ll have 1 expertise die.
If medicine is used, you can use 1 white fortune die.

Long-Term Care

If a player is being taken care of by a priestess in the Shallyan ward, a character recovers more quickly. For each day of care, the player can roll a resilience check with one less challenge dice per roll (ie: the first day to cure critical wounds would be a 2d check. The next day to attempt to cure the same critical wounds would be a 1d check. The third day would have no difficulty modifier).

This is also the most expensive option.

Healing Limitations

A player can only be healed by a source of healing once per day. That means you can’t have 2 First Aid on yourself in one day. You can, however, have a first aid, then a healing drought as they are different sources of healing.

You can also re-attempt the healing skill or draught until a success/cure is generated.

Healing Sources

- Magic spell
- Divine spell
- First aid
- Healing draught (20 silver)

Curing Diseases

When traipsing around the sewers or fighting a platoon of nurglings, a player will have a chance to catch diseases. When receiving a disease, you must make a Disease X check (based on your Resilience (to) skill).

Dwarves and Elves add 2 white fortune dice to their dice pool when resolving a Disease Check.

Each overnight rest allows a character to recover a disease- an average 2d resilience check if the player is suffering from one disease, or a hard 3d resilience check if the player is suffering from more than one disease.

If the player rolls a successful recovery, they can remove a symptom of the disease equal to that of the successes generated. If only the main disease is left, the player can cure herself of disease.

If the player FAILS the disease recovery check (resilience skill) AND generates at least one chaos star, they must draw a new symptom from the disease deck.

Curing Insanity

A player receives a temporary insanity for 1 stress token above their willpower. Any more stress and they receive 1 token on top of their insanity. A player can only get another temporary insanity if they are fatigued and stressed beyond their toughness/willpower respectively, at the same time.

Immediately after an Act, the player can roll a 0d Discipline Check to cure their temporary insanity. If the player generates enough successes that is equal or greater than the tokens on their insanity, they are cured of the temporary insanity.

If the player fails, the insanity is permanent. To recover from the permanent insanity, the player must make 0d Discipline Check. The player must make the same amount of successful checks equal to the severity rating of the Insanity. If the check is failed and/or generates banes, a success token is taken away from the insanity recovery progress.

For example: Chiandra failed a Terror 2 check while already having 1 stress. Now she has 3 stress, with a Willpower of 2. Chiandra draws 1 temporary insanity (Solipsism) with 1 token. She now has to cure the temporary insanity by rolling 1 success from a 0d Discipline Check. If she fails that, her temporary insanity is permanent. The severity rating of Chiandra’s insanity is 3, and must generate at least 1 success with a 0d Discipline Check 3 times to cure her permanent insanity. This check can only be done once a month (every 33 days).

Player Death

Diseases can kill a player if the combined severity ratings of all diseases and symptoms are greater than the wound threshold of the player, they die.

Critical Wounds can kill a player if the amount of critical wounds are more than her toughness rating. If a player’s health reaches 0, convert a wound to critical, and add up the amount of critical wounds to see if that player is immediately killed.
*Note: If a player passes out from fatigue or stress, and has more critical wounds than their toughness rating, they don’t die.

Corruption kills players if their corruption is higher than their corruption rating (humans is 5+Toughness, Elves/Dwarves are 10+Toughness). Human PCs become corrupt Chaos Spawns, and Elves/Dwarves are irreparably insane.

Rules on Health and Healing

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