Minor Characters

Elvyra Kleinestun (Session 13): A more-than-meets-the-eye pharmacist the heroes met briefly at the Schäffenfest in Bögenhafen. She offered Hob a job.

Hob (Session 13): A halfling from the Moot who came to seek his fortune in the Reiklands. After being saved by the heroes to spy on a noble’s meeting. He then chose to leave the adventurers to seek a more mild life (Session 14).

Councillor Johannes Teugen (Session 11): Part of the most powerful family in Bögenhafen, head of the Merchant Guild.

Franz Steinhäger (Session 11): The older brother of the Steinhäger brothers, second most prominent family in Bögenhafen.

Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg (Interlude 07): Reikland Noble who met the PCs in a small town of Werder, in Talabecland.

Godebert Boeglin (Session 05): Servant of the late Lord Grauenburg.

Anne Haigermann (Session 04): Master of Jocoff Lustig, mentioned several times.

Ditrich (Session 03): Blacksmith who hired heroes to return stolen metalwork.

Halfhead the Beastman (Session 03): The beastman that ran from the heroes after an unsuccessful ambush. Spoonsworth shot him as he tried to escape, but it looks like it wasn’t a killing shot. He returned in Interlude 07, recognized Aritriel. Halfhead met the heroes again (Session 15) where it fought and nearly wiped out 2/3rds of the party before dying at their hands.

Minor Characters

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