Types of Elves

There resides 3 kinds of elven races:

The High Elves from the island kingdom of Ulthuan, west of the Empire. These elves are steeped in magic and knowledge of the world.

The Wood Elves from the forest kingdom of Athel Loren, between the Empire and Bretonnia. They know a great deal about forests and the magic within them.

The Dark Elves from the continent of Naggaroth, west of Ulthuan. They know only brutality and a type of evil efficiency that would make Chaos proud, though they are not aligned with them.

History of Elves

At the dawn of time, the Old Ones had give the island-continent of Ulthuan to the Elves. As they grew, they explored the Old World and eventually met with the Dwarves. Hostile contact escalated to the War of the Beard in which the Dwarves slaughtered the Elves, and most of the survivors retreated back to Ulthuan.

Some of the survivors decided to stay in the forests of Athel Loren, a forest region between the Empire and Bretonnia. Since then, they have lived in relative peace.

As for the Elves who returned to Ulthuan, there came a civil war in which the Elves couldn’t decide who should be king. This caused the Sundering- an event that shaved land off the island-continent, and it fell away to the sea. There was also a lot of bloodshed, and the faction of Elves who lost the civil war became known as “Dark Elves” who fled west to the New World of Naggaroth.

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