Campaign Setting

Empire vs Chaos

The setting of the campaign begins in the Reiklands province of The Empire in the year 2519. It is the most progressive and strongest of the provinces, which is part of the greatest bastion of mankind in the world: The Empire. It’s a greater, more unified force than that of the other human colonies including Bretonnia, Kislev, Tilea, and even the Araby.

From a high-level perspective, the Empire is made of up 10 provinces that vote in a person in charge of their province called an ELECTOR COUNT. Each of the 10 counts then vote on who should be their leader, the EMPEROR. The current Emperor is Karl Franz, Elector Count of the Reiklands.

The Empire’s biggest antagonist are the forces of Chaos. Up in the north pole, called the Northern Wastes, the pure stuff of Chaos pours in through a vortex and mutates and corrupts everyone nearby. All the northern tribes, including the mountainous country of Norsca, worship the Chaos that flows through their gates, which are said to be controlled by four Chaos Gods:

Khorne, the God of Blood and Death
Slaanesh, the God of Pleasure and Obsession
Tzeench, the God of Schemes and Change
Nurgle, the God of Disease and Stagnancy

There are many different cults dedicated to worshipping each of these four gods inside the Empire. They work toward the destruction of their country, and must be destroyed themselves before anything comes to pass.

Imperial Calendar

The Imperial Calendar consists of 400 days a year, and each of the 4 seasons is 100 days long. There are also 12 months in a year (with 32 or 33 days each, and six intercalary holidays).


The Old World has two moons: Mannslieb and Morrslieb.

Mannslieb is a white-grey ball of rock in the sky which directly affects the tides of the sea. Its name is similar to Manann, the God of the Sea. It has a regular rotation around the planet, with regular cycles between full moon and new moon states.

Morrslieb is also called the Dark Moon, and is a black-green rock that moves erratically around the globe. Moorslieb translates to “Beloved of Morr”, who is the God of the Dead. The moon itself is said to be made entirely out of warpstone- condensed magic in the form of green-black rocks. It is incredibly potent for magic users, but can also cause corruption and mutation in a person.

There are only two times a year where both moons are seen in the sky toghether, Witching Night (first day of the year) and Night of Mysteries (exactly 6 months later).


There are three classes in the Empire: Gold, Silver, and Brass. Respectively, they are the rich, middle, and poor classes.

Gold Tier: Nobles and very rich merchants who make 1 to 5 gold a day.
Silver Tier: Middle class/adventuring types who made anywhere between 10 to 50 silver a day depending on their tasks and jobs.
Brass Tier: The poor/farmer class.

1 gold = 100 silver
1 silver = 25 brass
2500 brass = 1 gold

Campaign Setting

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