The Perils of Chaos

Session 16 (2519-08-03): The Empire Strikes Back

The heroes journeyed from the besieged small town of Osburg and headed west to Ussingen where the Reikland Rebels had first originated. The rebels previously conquered east and pillaged and razed hamlets, farms, and settlements all the way to Morlenfurt. Aghar Steelfist lent the heroes 3 horses to make it to Ussingen within the day while he and his crew liberated Morlenfurt.

On the way to Ussingen, the heroes met a human woman who was hungry. On closer inspection, she was corrupted by Chaos! The woman was looking to bury a cart full of corrupted dead bodies under a ceremony of Morr in the next town after escaping the evil rebels who had done this to her and her family. Hoping to stem the infection of Chaos, Loghar Ironfoot killed the woman and burned her body and her cart before they could spread the infection in Osburg.

When they reached a proper township, the heroes approached the human settlement by the main road and were met by 3 archers and 3 swordsmen. The non-humans were greeted rather rudely and asked for their business here, Chiandra replied they were here to kill the rebels. At that point, the 6 Reikland Rebels began attack the heroes. The heroes fought valiantly but were ultimately beaten and stripped of their belongings and wealth.

The leader of the rebels vowed to kill the “non-human filth” and demanded a public hanging. The heroes had just enough time to escape their bindings, and were forced to flee across a river and camp at the base of the Grey Mountains. Aritriel was able to hunt boar and feed everyone. The heroes returned to Ussingen the next day with their scavenged equipment to free the town from rebels. They found the leader alone in his office, and he seemed to recognize Aritriel before launching his attack on her.

Despite becoming further corrupted by Chaos during the fight, the rebel leader eventually died, and the heroes were able to get some of their equipment back. The heroes then fled Ussingen without further incident. The rebels would hopefully be crippled without their leader, but it came at a terrible cost. The rebels had taken their wealth, weapons, items, and left the heroes critically wounded. On top of that, the mission was so stressful to Aritriel that she was now suffering Insanity.

The heroes returned to Osburg and waited for Aghar Steelfist and his contingent to return from cleansing Morlenfurt. The dwarf was disappointed in his lack of return of property, and demanded recompense at a later time. The heroes then went to Helmgart where they rested. Aghar also gave Loghar special dwarven armor and the blueprints to make them, so he can return to Zuftbar and allow his people to make them too.

Geralt also arrived, with grim news. Meingot Ripertus convinced their previous noble benefactor Heironymous Ruggbroder from Bögenhafen to turn against them, and is now heading south to continue his search for the heroes. The human also mentioned to Aritriel that he met some of her “friends” outside who gave him a scroll to pass on, which read that Aritriel’s friend Siluvaine was now in Wood Elf custody and would only be saved if Aritriel came back home to answer for her crimes. On top of that, Geralt asked Chiandra to write her support for Aythe Dorfbacher which would be a setback her political rival, Baron Jorge Heiligdorfer. The high elf tried to think back and forth of how to write the letter, but ended up supporting Aythe Dorfbacher in the end.

Low on funds and being told to leave Helmgart by Aghar, the heroes decided to act as bodyguards for a Bretonnian-bound caravan.

Session 15 (2519-08-02): Beastmen vs Dwarves vs Undead

Geralt met the heroes and warned them about Witch Hunter Meingot Ripertus coming to Bögenhafen. Despite being paid a wealthy amount from the rising noble Hieronymus Ruggbroder, no amount of gold would save them from the righteous wrath of a Witch Hunter. Geralt also suggested putting the Reikland Rebels out of their misery while they waited for Ripertus to blow through town and leave.

The heroes took a boat called the Ludmilla toward Mörlenfurt, along with what Kaspar recognized as the Strigany: undead-worshipping gypsies. After sailing downstream for some time, they saw a dead hamlet, to which the Strigany start looting. The heroes, except Kaspar, followed the Strigany to the plague-infested hamlet. Mercenaries stumbled across them and chose to fight them. Only after the heroes fought them off did they realize that their boat was missing, and so was Kaspar.

Loghar deduced that river trolls probably attacked the ferry, which explained the debris and Kaspar’s floating hat. The heroes chose not to swim in and look for him, instead thinking he was dead (poor Kaspar).

The heroes then decided to take the main road to Osburg rather than follow the risky bank of the river to Mörlenfurt. They arrived in town to find human heads on spikes that were… zombified! They gnawed, and stared after the heroes as they made their way to the center of town. A large town hall building was boarded up, but they could hear moaning on the other side. Aritriel climbed the 2-story structure and peered over the roof. She saw an insane dwarf surrounded by zombified dwarf heads on spikes.

The insane dwarf blew a horn that summoned an army of beastmen from one direction, an assortment of undead from another, and finally a dwarf/human regiment who marched toward the heroes, throwing out curses and death threats.

Chiandra called for everyone to hide out in the boarded-up town hall building. As Aritriel moved to join them, she slipped and fell off the roof, and landed with a sickening crack on the steps justs outside the door. Loghar pulled Aritriel’s body in, and Chiandra desperately applied first aid.

Loghar barricaded the door with tables and chairs. Aritriel recovered some health but suffered a twisted joint. At least everyone was alive and awake. They made their way upstairs where a someone blew a hole in the roof from the fighting outside amongst the three small armies. Chiandra overheard a small whimper from a nearby cupboard and discovered a small boy.

The boy recognized Aritriel, and the two of them briefly worked out their differences before hearing someone (or something) breaking down the barricade on the first floor. The heroes took Quintus back downstairs and into a wine cellar. They hid in emptied caskets while they heard something mean and large break into the town hall, and stomp around sniffing for its prey.

Finally it arrived in the wine cellar, and though it had trouble sniffing them out there, it heard the boy’s whimper and took him hostage. Hearing the boy’s blood-curdling scream, Chiandra burst out of her barrel to save him, coming face-to-face with the largest half-headed beastman they had ever seen.

It terrified the elves, but Loghar lunged forward to begin his attack, acting as the meat shield in this small room. It was a bloody fight that nearly killed them. Loghar was thrown through the ceiling and landed somewhere on the first floor. Aritriel fainted from exhaustion, and Chiandra was the only one left to check on the boy. Thankfully, he was alive.

Upstairs, the sounds of battle faded, and Chiandra went upstairs to check on Loghar. Instead she found another blonde-haired dwarf by the name of Aghar Steelfist, who was chagrined to see his old ‘she-elf’ friend Aritriel. His band of dwarves and humans then helped patch up the heroes a little and allowed them the first pick to help drive the Reikland Rebels out of the southern towns of Osburg, Mörlenfurt, and Ussingen.

With Osburg more-or-less freed, that left Ussingen and Osburg. The heroes picked Ussingen, as that was where the rebels were said to originate from. Aghar then decided to take his own team down to Mörlenfurt and exercise the bandits from that region.

The two teams agreed to meet back in Osburg in 3 days, and Aghar would have something special for Loghar as a reward. Still battered and bruised, the heroes carried on to the next town, in hopes to put an end to those wreaking such… chaos.

Session 14 (2519-07-25): Shadows Over Bögenhafen 3

Kaspar followed Dorothie to a locked room in the fancy Feathered Hat Inn. The Baron’s Agent turned to the Shroud of Morr, and they traded information on the evil Chaos Cult, Ordo Septarius, when an assassin failed to strike down Dorothie.

Kaspar killed the assassin, but Dorothie was critically injured. The agent told the priest to find Baron Jorge Heiligdorfer who snuck out to the heroes’ boat on the Ostendam.

Meanwhile, Chiandra panicked on the boat. The High Elf thought her employer, Jocoff Lustig was dead. He was, in fact, not. The Celestial Wizard apprentice did not like the abrupt wake up in the middle of the night. They then reunited with a bloodied Loghar and the stealthy Aritriel. Moments later, Baron Jorge Heiligdorfer also arrived and told them how evil the Ordo Septarius really was.

Being the loud mouth that he is, Heiligdorfer was attracting attention of dock workers. After much discussion (without the Baron), the heroes decided to send the boisterous baron with the wizard, and their boat, to the safety of Lady Dorfbacher’s castle.

By this time, Kaspar reunited with his team, and an odd-looking messenger boy arrived too. Chiandra eyed the human boy suspiciously, but Aritriel took the scroll from the boy anyway. The little one quickly ran away as silently as he came. The scroll he delivered was from Heinrich Steinhäger, younger brother to the known Cultist, Franz. It read that he wanted to see the heroes as quickly as possible at his home on the Adel Ring (the fancy part of town).

At the Steinhäger estate, the heroes were escorted into the mansion’s study by a butler. In the study, they discovered Heinrich’s body cut open, and used his own blood to write, “WHSE” before dying. At the same time, the butler was outside the house yelling, “Help! Murder!”. The being then teleported into the house, grinned evilly, and threatened the heroes before he disappeared again.

The heroes escaped out the back, and ran into Hob the Halfling. The sneaky demi-human told them about the Ordo Septarius meeting he spied on, and it was happening in either Warehouse 13 or 17. The cowardly halfling then wanted to run from the city, and the heroes didn’t convince him to stay.

The heroes raced against time to the Warehose district! They dodged a Watch patrol in which their wood elf scout got separated from them. Next they ran into an angry mob that chased an arsonist who was none other than… Aritriel?! This “Aritriel” didn’t act like the one they knew, and pushed past the heroes to disappear in a black smoke. Eventually the heroes were forced to take a detour around a large Watch patrol, which took up time.

At the Warehouse district, the group decided to split up and look into the different warehouses. Loghar and Aritriel went to Warehouse 17, where the Wood Elf broke into the building to find this was Ruggbroder’s property, and was quickly attacked by two dogs and a night patrolman who was calling for the Watch. There were no Chaos Cultists here.

Meanwhile, at Warehouse 13, Chiandra and Kaspar used their keen eyes to tell the place was being patrolled by the Stevedores Guild. They also saw Heironymous Ruggbroder being taken into the warehouse in a sack. The stealthily passed the guards and picked the lock to the warehouse. There, they found the white-robed Cultists, about to prepare their human sacrifice!

The two of them rushed in, and knocked crates over to delay the ritual just long enough for Aritriel and Loghar to arrive on scene. The Wood Elf protected the unconscious and bound nobleman, while the dwarf battled off the ruffians attacking Aritriel.

It was a tough struggle, with one of the nine Cultists even turned into a daemon. Upon its death, a booming inhuman voice echoed in the very souls of everyone in that warehouse: “GIDEON, WHERE IS MY PORTAL?” The daemon squealed in horror and pain as it disappeared in black smoke, as did Johannes Teugen, the alleged ringleader of the Ordo Septarius…


The 3 surviving cultists surrendered. Herr Ruggbroder was freed. The City Watch came and took statements, agreeing not to arrest the adventurers due to the nobleman’s claims that they were, in fact, heroes.

The green moon Morrslieb gave a look of disappointment before its face disappeared and it returned to its regular (albeit erratic) orbit.

The heroes didn’t get a big parade, but a measily thanks from the Watch Captain, and the 500 gold from Heironymous Ruggbroder. The noble merchant then spent the next week sending out messengers throughout the city to announce that the city was Cultist-free thanks to him (and some thanks to the heroes). He also annexed the assets of his rivals, the Steinhägers and Teugens, becoming the most powerful man in Bögenhafen.

Elves Chiandra and Aritriel spent time in seclusion of a Shallya temple, paying for long-term care to remove diseases and critical wounds. Kaspar regularly told the Watch what a terrible job they did.

Baron Jorge Heiligdorfer returned to Bögenhafen without Celestial Wizard apprentice Jocoff Lustig, but with Lady Aythe Dorfbacher‘s agent, Gustav who took time to congratulate the heroes and to mention the job still stood for removing the rebels in the Reiklands in Dorfbacher’s name.

Session 13 (2519-07-24): Shadows Over Bögenhafen 2

The heroes slept on Celestial Wizard Apprentice Jocoff Lustig’s boat for another night, after being chased through the sewers a third (and hopefully final) time. The four adventurers woke up to a strange green sunlight. Above them the green moon Morrslieb was hovering so close to the town, one could almost touch it.

Kaspar asked Jocoff to look over the evidence they hauled from the Steinhäger offices from last night. It included a note regarding a meeting tonight at Councilor Teugen‘s home, and black leather-bound spellbook with the name ’Teugen’ written on it. Councillor Johannes Teugen is the most prominent noble man in Bögenhafen. The evidence, the heroes decided, was not conclusive enough to use against one of the most important men in the city.

Aritriel then approached Dorothie for advice. She brought them to Baron Jorge Heiligdorfer. The heroes explained their case to the boisterous man regarding the Ordo Septarius being a Chaos Cult. Though the Baron didn’t completely believe them, he offered to keep an eye on Teugen while meeting the group tonight.

Chiandra lead the group to see Magistrate Richter, the Court Stocks and Festival Judge who previously sent the group into the sewers after the 3-legged goblin. They met with his assistant, Andrea, and found that the Magistrate saw the Captain of the Watch yesterday, then felt ill today. The heroes visited the Magistrate’s home to see he was dying of Purple Brain Fever!

On the way back to Heiligdorfer‘s house, the heroes bump into a victim halfling being tossed around by bigoted humans. They intimidated the villains, brought Hob the halfling to a healing tent run by one human Elvyra Kleinestun. The heroes then offered to pay the halfling 4 gold to spy on the meeting in Councilor Teugen’s home.

The four heroes also ran into 8 thugs who threatened the adventurers to leave town or else…

The heroes then did a reconnaissance on the Councilor’s home from far away, hoping Hob was spying on the meeting just then. After a few hours, members of the Ordo Sepatarius departed. Jorge Heiligdorfer was walking away from his home and further into town. Aritriel followed stealthily, seeing Heiligdorfer enter the Feathered Hat Inn. Next, Aritriel headed back to the boat.

Loghar thought it was best to split up, and meet Hob at the appointed location: Jocoff Lustig’s boat. On his way back he was cornered by 4 thugs. Loghar beat killed three and the last one ran.

GM’s Note: Loghar had 6 HP left (add Toughness value after the fight).

Chiandra, who failed to follow stealthily on Heiligdorfer’s trail, chose to head back to the boat too, and was tailed by another 4 thugs. She ducked and weaved through the streets, and lost them by the time she returned to the boat safely.

Kaspar didn’t bother hiding, and strolled into the Feathered Hat Inn- a plush gold tier inn, where Dorothie met him and made a scene of how good it was to see him, and that he was expected. Dorothie took Kaspar up to the Baron’s room.

Above Bögenhafen, Morrslieb’s eyes were now wide open. Its grin was so large it almost split the entire orb’s face. Whatever was attracting its attention, it was going to happen really soon…

Session 12 (2519-07-21): Shadows Over Bögenhafen

Prologue: Reunion Before Bögenhafen

The heroes met with Geralt and Aythe Dorfbacher at Castle Dorfbacher. Aythe explained her rise to power and political rival Jorge Heiligdorfer has it out for her. The Lady of the castle offered the PCs a lot of gold to put an end to the uprising in the south of the Reiklands province in her name.

Geralt admitted his real name was Gustav. A man who previously journeyed with Aritriel and helped rescue 40 slaves. A horrible person named Meingot Ripertus wanted to stop and persecute their old adventuring party. Ripertus is Witch Hunter Heinricus Gebauer’s apprentice, soon to arrive.

Act 1: Excitement in Bögenhafen

The party left first thing the next morning, after their prophetic dreams haunted them again. In Bögenhafen, a festival was happening, called the Schäffenfest! Jocoff docked his boat, and the party went through a series of experiences:
– Heard Max Ernst was in town as the champion fighter in the local wrestling ring.
– Visited the Mourner’s Guild, met the Auger Gilda who offered to help with the adventurers’ dream interpretation.
– Delivered a letter of intent to meet a noble merchant called Heironymous Ruggbroder.
Aritriel met Dorothie, who asked for help but couldn’t talk long in public.
– Stopped a 3-legged goblin from escaping a freak show event.
– Met showrunner Dr Malthusius at the Freakshow, who thanked the heroes, and offered them a gold each for saving his attraction.
Aritriel had her fortune read from a teller who knew about the wyrdstone incident with Kaspar and Chiandra. The teller predicted: “I see a dark place- a narrow place, with water. There is death there. Beware of a big man, a rich man. He will bring much danger. I see a dark man- he is not what he seems. The sign of the rose is red, dripping with blood… I see seven men, and two. One of the two will destroy the other and many more besides. Yes, yes… the great kills the small, and the highest serve the lowest. You are in great danger. The eye of Evil is upon you!”
– Visited the Freakshow again and saw the 3-legged goblin escape into the sewers. The Watch intervened and brought the players into the Festival Court and Stocks along with Dr. Malthusius.

At the Festival Court and Stocks, one Magistrate Richter inquired as to what the commotion was around the Freakshow. It was explained that Dr. Malthusius lost his 3-legged goblin into the sewers. Eventually it was decided that Dr Malthusius would pay the heroes for the safe return of the goblin, and the Magistrate would offer to match the payment for clearing the monster out of the sewers too.

Magistrate Richter also offered stay at a gold-tier inn called the Journey’s End. The heroes dropped off their unnecessary items and gold at the inn before entering the dangerous sewers.

Act 2: Darkness Under Bögenhafen

The heroes entered the sewers with only Loghar’s light to show the way. They fought off a swarm of bats, and discovered the start of the goblin’s blood trail. They had also discovered a door with an odd depiction on it- a spoon-like symbol with an Ace of Clubs in the oval. Though the trail had nothing to do with the door, the heroes thought they’d open it anyway.

The heroes burst open the door and found three surprised men gambling inside. The men make no move to attack the heroes, and encouraged them to come inside. As everyone walked inside, one of the gamblers presses a switch that opens the floor beneath them. The last thing they see is a group of men jumping over them and knocking them out.

The heroes woke up, bound and gagged to a chair, as one man picked his fingers with a dagger explained (in an impressive monologue) that he and his many friends like their secret little clubhouse and would prefer no one said anything. The heroes all agree to keep a secret too, but it was a massive surprise to Aritriel that the man vaguely threatening them was none other than Duggan Spoonsworth!

After a brief reunion, Spoonsworth lead them back to the sewers and allowed them to collect their belongings. They re-equipped themselves and carried on, following the goblin’s blood trail through the dangerous sewers. How dangerous? They didn’t realize that the air was getting so foul that they were walking through a methane pocket, and Loghar’s lantern caused an explosion, damaging the heroes but not dazzling them enough to slip and fall into the effluent channel.

Finally, the heroes arrived at a door where the green blood trail ended. Aritriel used skullduggery to open the door, and they found that it was a temple guarded by a daemon! Despite the fearful and intimidating presence, they vanquished their foe and took time to search the room.

They found a locked cabinet with instruments used for Chaos rituals, a handkerchief with the initials “F.S.”, a symbol with the words, “Ordo Septarius”, and a pentacle that Kaspar immediately destroyed. They left the room and found a nearby manhole cover to pop out of. It was now dusk, and found themselves in the warehouse district.

Their first order of business was to investigate which building was above the temple, but was hard to do that when you smelled like the sewers. The heroes couldn’t even get back to use their bed at the Journey’s End. They eventually bathed in the River Bögen.

As they came out cold and wet, Jocoff Lustig watched them from his boat, still docked along the Ostendam.

Instead of sleeping, the heroes then investigated the warehouse location and found that it was owned by the Steinhäger family. Unfortunately it was guarded by a man named Anton who claimed he slew a 3-legged goblin, and couldn’t get past him. After multiple unsuccessful attempts (including a drinking contest between Anton and Loghar), everyone decided to collect their stuff from the Journey’s End.

Now that it was morning, the landlord of the Journey’s End would only have allowed the heroes to go into their room (who some kept money there) after they paid their expenses. Grumbling over the losses, they paid, then decided it was time to do a proper investigation into who was setting up a Chaos temple underneath Bögenhafen.

Act 3: Shadows Over Bogenhafen

The heroes first all stopped by Doctor Malthusius’ tent and inquired about the 3-legged goblin. Malthusius somewhat confirmed the seedy guard from last night’s story, saying Town Hall mentioned that it was crushed by warehouse boxes. He apologized for wasting the heroes’ time and offered brandy and cigars. Instead, the heroes felt they needed to get to the bottom of this mystery. This was most likely happening by high-level noble families.

It suddenly hit Chiandra: If it was noble merchant families behind this, who was Jocoff going to see today?! She and Kaspar, who originally agreed to protect the Celestial Wizard, rushed to his boat. Kaspar advised the still-drunk Dwarf and Wood Elf to see about a reward from Magistrate Richter.

The heroes split up: Loghar and Aritriel visited the Festival Court and Stocks about their reward. They were told by Andrea, Magister Richter’s assistant, that he was in the middle of a trial. They would have to wait for him.

Kaspar and Chiandra met up with Jocoff Lustig, and explained to him the danger of the Steinhagers. The Celestial Wizard was visiting high-level merchant Heironymous Ruggbroder, so there shouldn’t be any danger… After meeting the noble, Jocoff inquired about the Ordo Septarius on the heroes’ behalf.

Ruggbroder despised the Ordo Septarius, and knew Franz Steinhager was part of it, alongside one Johannes Teugen and a recent member, Baron Jorge Heiligdorfer! He believed the Baron was so recent an addition that he could be swayed to believe that the Ordo is nefarious and should be left. Ruggbroder offered the heroes 500 gold for conclusive evidence regarding how evil the Odo is.

Meanwhile, Loghar and Aritriel finally met with Magistrate Richter who said that he can’t compensate the heroes for their problems with Journey’s End. Town Hall could. It was also Town Hall that told him the 3-legged goblin was crushed by warehouse boxes.

Finally the heroes reunited and exchanged information. They immediately tried entering the sewers but were caught by a Watch patrol, started arguing and resisting arrest, and were eventually taken to the Court and Stocks to pay a fine (this time given a sentence by a Magistrate who WASN’T Richter). Chiandra, motivated by 500 gold, was able to discover above ground sewer channels in the city that would allow them to enter the underground sewers without the Watch giving them trouble.

Before heading to the sewers, the adventurers did some reconnaissance around the Steinhäger warehouse, and found that last night’s bodyguard, Anton, had somehow drowned himself in the river the other night. What a dreadful… accident. They also decided to book an appointment with Franz’s brother Heinrich tomorow morning.

The heroes ran into more issues when in the sewers. The elves contracted diseases making too much contact with the effluent channel. They arrived back at the underground temple, only to find that the whole area was cleaned up. They also found a secret entrance, followed it up a long stone staircase, and a possibly-booby-trapped door. Aritriel threw a throwing axe at the door to activate a magic trap, and threw it so hard that it crashed through the door and caused a panic on the other side.

Loghar was back top-side, noticing a large commotion at the Steinhäger warehouse. The dwarf mercenary thought it was best to walk away and take a rinse at the Ostendam.

The elves also thought it was best to vacate the vicinity and ran through the sewers blindly. So blindly they became lost and wound up spilling out into the river rather than find the original exit. The heroes once again washed themselves in the river from smelling like sewage…

…and Jocoff Lustig was on his boat watching them the whole time. Loghar thought he could get a proper bath from the boat, but Jocoff instead pushed him over the side. Chiandra rescued the dwarf, who was equipped with heavy armour, from drowning.

The heroes, having been awake for nearly 36 hours, slept restlessly through the afternoon. They had an awful feeling they were being watched. They woke up in the evening and decided to break into the Steinhäger offices.

Loghar acted as a distraction (having failed his stealth check), while the elves made it in. Chiandra checked Heinrich’s office and found nothing. Aritriel checked Franz’s office and found an Ordo Septarius meeting note, a black book with the name ‘Teugen’ on it, and a bronze medallion with the Ordo symbol on it.

Unfortunately they caused so much noise that a guard woke up and came after them. They found the secret entrance to where the temple used to be in Franz’s office. They followed it down, but realized they were still going to get caught by this old guard. Instead of taking the guard out, the elves went through the sewers again, came out, bathed in the river…

…and Jocoff Lustig happened to see them again from the comfort of his boat, starting to regret his decision in bringing these heroes with him.

Still, the heroes hauled a good deal of evidence, and Chiandra hoped it was enough for Ruggbroder to consider it conclusive evidence.

Session 11 (2519-07-21): Return to Castle Grauenburg

Heading downstream to a nearby castle for proper interrogation, the passengers on Jocoff Lustig’s boat met a full-plated knight sailing from the opposite direction. The knight begged for help in search of his Lady, and happened to recognize Aritriel. Jocoff also recognized the Knight’s voice.

A river troll suddenly appears and divides the group up. Aritriel, Loghar, and Gebauer, are trapped on one side of the River Bogen. Kaspar, Chiandra, and the Knight, are on the other. After defeating the river troll, the knight encourages the heroes to regroup at the castle, meaning they’ll have to hike through the forest and hopefully pass by his Lady along the way.

Through the forest, Chiandra thought she saw a face in the trees, but before long the heroes stumbled upon a cottage in the woods. Just outside was a dead man whose last words to the heroes were, “I trusted her..!” He wore an out-of-place silver pendant with a vague depiction of a beastman on it. Chiandra took it with her.

Inside were 3 beastmen and a golden-haired Aythe Dorfbacher! The heroes rescued Dorfbacher who explained that she is now the Lady of Castle Grauenburg, now Castle Dorfbacher, and mentioned there had been increased beastman attacks on the castle walls.

Dorfbacher led an assault into the forest to hopefully root out the beastmen and stop the nightly attacks, but her platoon got scattered and killed. Dorfbacher found shelter at a hermit’s cottage. She honestly didn’t recognize the dead man at the front when they left.

The heroes finally made it back to Castle Dorfbacher, where the Witch Hunter and crew had also arrived. Gebauer finished interrogating the adventurers, who would reunite, sleep, and head out to Bögenhafen in the morning.

Session 10 (2519-07-20): Night of Blood

Chiandra and company woke to the smell of their boat being on fire! Running to the deck, they were confronted by the scarred older gentleman who’d been following them. With the surprising help of Aritriel’s bow from the shoreline, they were able to stop the thugs from killing them in the middle of the dark and stormy night.

Celestial Wizard Lustig put out the fire and immediately docked the boat in an attempt to make repairs. Chiandra and Kaspar then met up with Aritriel and Loghar who followed them from Altdorf about the two nobles who were killed. Kaspar explained they weren’t responsible, and shared a letter he found on the old, scarred man’s body.

They stood near the Hooded Man Inn, and immediately found a blood trail in the ferry terminal shack. The adventurers then investigated the stable and found a cannibalizing mutant eating the body of a stable boy. After dispatching the mutant, they investigated the inn and found some shady characters they immediately didn’t trust including fat man Otto and ‘Roadwarden’ Hans.

Aritriel overheard Otto and Hans admitting they were Nurgle-worshiping Chaos Cultists. The adventurers then did a thorough investigation later in the night when they could feel a change in the Winds- a ceremony of some kind was being done in the inn. They disrupted the ceremony and killed the Cultists before Witch Hunter Heinricus Gebauer appeared with Road Wardens.

Gebauer took statements, looked over the evidence, destroyed the remaining Nurgle daemons, killed a Road Warden when he became infected, and burned the whole property to the ground. Gebauer then commandeered Lustig’s boat and wanted to take everyone to “what was once known as Castle Grauenburg” for further debriefing.

He also mentioned that his newly-adopted apprentice, Meingot Ripertus, would soon join them.

Session 09 (2519-07-18): Mistaken Identity

Kaspar returned to the Haunted Cemetery and met with his mentor, brother and fellow Shroud, Roland Hindsmith. After Kaspar relayed his recent adventures with Hindsmith- including the Beastmen attack on the small town Werder, his doppelganger (or possible relative)’s body, and the strange vision/dream he had- his mentor decided he should investigate the doppelganger’s letter and large inheritance in Bogenhafen immediately.

Chiandra met a lanky Celestial wizard apprentice called Jocoff Lustig who asked her to be his bodyguard down to Bogenhafen. Chiandra accepted, and the two waited at the Boatman Inn for Lustig’s boat to be prepared and docked in Konigplatz where they ran into Kaspar who, after some conversation, decided to travel together on Lustig’s boat.

Suddenly, a dark-clad, vicious-looking man stalked into the bar: vigilante Max Ernst. The adventurers ignored him for the most part, until a pair of nobles walked in and started stirring up trouble. Chiandra wanted to start a fight but Ernst stepped in, insulting and blocking her from attacking the nobles. A bar brawl ensued and the nobles laughed at the spectacle. The fight ended in a draw, and Kaspar intimidated Ernst enough to leave the bar while he still could. The nobles also left now that the show was over.

Kaspar, Chiandra, and Lustig, head to Lustig’s boat. Along the way, Chiandra noticed they were being followed. They stealthily waited in an alley for their stalkers to walk by. It was the two odd men from the day before that tried to signal Kaspar with the ear-scratching signal. The two strangers were cut down by the older, scarred gentleman that signaled back to them from the day before.

Searching the bodies came up with a little loot and a purple hand tattooed on their chests. The adventurers came to the conclusion that they were cultists. Finally, they retired on the boat and woke up the next morning to Lustig coming back from the Merchants’ Square reporting he overheard that the two nobles last night had been killed and the Watch are looking for them for questioning.

With that, the crew left Altdorf, sailed through the Weissbruck Canal, and stopped temporarily at Weissbruck. There, they saw the older, scarred gentleman from before already at Weissbruck’s Black Gold Inn. After much debating, the three of them decided it was best to sail away from Weissbruck before that man finds out they’re here, and race away to Bogenhafen…

Session 08 (2519-07-17): A Dream of Destiny

The adventurers had an odd dream that caused them to stress out- a vision perhaps? They didn’t dwell on it too long as Aritriel woke with a rat on her face and threw it onto newcomer Loghar Ironfoot who helped put out the fire in the Jolly Butcher the other night.

Lord Rickard Ashaffenburg asked the adventurers to deliver a letter for him to Heissman von Bruner’s lodgings in Altdorf since they were headed that way. Chiandra agreed to do so. Next, they look for their promised reward but the Watchman who’d give them money was nowhere to be found- Chiandra assumed cowardice.

Finally the adventurers went to the dockside bar called the Smiling Inn and met Fondleburger, a jovial and effusive bar owner. Aritriel also had the opportunity to play cards with Phillipe Descartes, a local gambler, who lost a few rounds of cards before Aritriel decided she’d had enough.

When their ferry arrived, the cabin was filled up, and the adventurers were forced to wait on deck in the rain. Aritriel had had enough and sat inside until the noble lady asked her bodyguard to remove the wet Wood Elf from the cabin. The bodyguard threw Aritriel out, and she responded with pulling out her bow and firing upon the bodyguard- it hit, but didn’t hurt her as much as it did when it struck one of the ferrymen inside the cabin!

Now the passengers were shouting and cursing, scared of Aritriel. The Wood Elf’s companions did the best they could to calm everyone down before it got worse. They prevented the fight from continuing, but the ferry scraped along the side of the bank. No damage was done, but the adventurers spotted a female and male commoner waving their arms and crying for help. Mutants had attacked them and they were shouting for help.

Allowing the commoners onboard, the four companions went past the treeline to find that mutants had in fact ambushed a caravan and slaughtered the passengers. Aritriel noticed a boy among the mutants, who fired a crossbow bolt at her, then ran away. Kaspar, an Initiate of Morr, noticed a fellow priest who had succumbed to mutation.

The mutants were dispatched, the boy gone, and the bodies searched. The heroes found an uncanny resemblance between Kaspar, and one of the victims. He held a letter in his hand, which Kaspar took and read, but didn’t share with the group.

Roadwardens happened upon the grisly scene and helped the heroes pile the bodies into the coach, hitched their horses to it, and rode back to Altdorf along the bank with the adventurers. For better or worse, the ferry chose to leave them after they disembarked to fight the mutants.

The four companions arrived in Altdorf, capital of the Empire. Kaspar was immediately spotted by two normal-looking but odd-acting individuals who were trying to signal him. Kaspar refused to play along, but one of the men found a scarred, older man who signaled them over.

Tying up some loose ends, Aritriel and Loghar found some healing at a nearby temple of Shallya. Chiandra went ahead to drop off the letter to von Bruner’s servant. Kaspar decided to stop by the Haunted Cemetery…

Interlude 07 (2519-07-16): A Night of the Seven Knights

Aritriel had lost contact with her group, and wound up at a small village called Werder, just outside the capital city of the Empire, Altdorf. She entered the Jolly Butcher inn and saw a group of knights who start as friendly begin drinking and become bloodthirsty killers who turn on each other, and even the Watch!

One Watchman seeks first aid at the Pretty Penny, another inn across the street, where two exceptional people are staying: Brother Shroud, follower of the god Morr, and Chiandra, High Elf Navigator. While the innkeeper tends to the Watchman’s wounds, the two residents make their way over to the Jolly Butcher.

This inn is now on fire, and everyone is dead except for one knight trying to break down a door. Shroud, Chiandra, and Aritriel kill the knight before he kills Lord Rickard Ashaffenberg. The celebration time is cut short when another Watchman comes back claiming that someone has jammed the front gate to the city, and feral beastmen are getting in!

Ashaffenberg conscripts the heroes into defending the gate while he closes the jammed gate. After a few waves of feral beastmen, the gate is closed, and just in time. A Halfhead Beastman, clearly the leader of the group roars in frustration as the opportunity to sack the village is thwarted. It also recognizes Aritriel for some reason…

After the remaining beastmen disperse, the adventurers are promised a reward from the Watchman in the morning. For now the heroes, and noble Lord Aschaffenberg, sleep in the vermin-infested common sleeping room of the brass-tier inn, The Pretty Penny…


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