The Perils of Chaos

Session 18 (2519-09-11): Good Intentions

After being forced into the Oak of Ages in Athel Loren, our heroes soon found themselves trapped in dirt. They climb out into the home of a poor physician with a dirt floor. Surprised, the physician initially attacked the heroes thinking they were undead. Fortunately Chiandra was able to convince the old human they were not and, in fact, adventurers traveling by magic.

The physician did his best to heal the heroes, helping cure a disease and critical wound. The physician then went into the next room to grab more supplies but was attacked! Chiandra burst into the room to find a man in armor killing the pharmacist. They all battled, but it was Loghar that struck the killing blow. Aritriel pilfered what she could from the room, as well as a note saying, “Use this pin to get close to the Elector Count and kill him tonight! For Slaanesh.”

Finding a physician’s pin and a soldier’s pin, among other items, the heroes walked out into the busy town. They pieced together their location of Wolfenburg, Ostland, and that there was a festival honouring the Elector Count’s new infant son. The heroes decided they would save the Elector Count from the assassination attempt by Chaos worshippers..

During the festivities, the heroes bought equipment, met a crazed hermit, and watched von Raukov’s speech regarding heading north to raid Norscan shores. Loghar met a fellow dwarf from Zuftbar mentioning he needed to steal a tome from the Elector Count’s mansion in hopes it would provide details on how to stop stirrings of undead coming through the mountains. Chiandra met a human amber wizard, Ada Fehr, who would be part of the expedition.

To get close to the Elector Count, Chiandra and Loghar showed their weapon skill in a demonstration in front of a general close to the Count. They enjoyed dinner and drinks but began feeling dizzy and sick. The Elector Count was taken to bed. Chiandra who had ingested a poison during dinner, did her best to investigate the kitchen and its staff whom she believed was behind this. The High Elf then navigated her way up the steps to check on the Count while Loghar continued to make a scene.

Aritriel decided to sneak in with the dwarf rogue from Zuftbar. They snuck into the Elector Count’s room just before the guards brought the Count to sleep in bed. After they left, Aritriel spotted a door to the study and opened it. She found an odd painting that, after it was revealed, stressed her out. It also stressed out Chiandra who happened to spy on her through the keyhole of a door that lead to the hallway.

Chiandra tried to get Aritriel’s attention by making noises at the door. It scared the dwarf rogue to grab his tome and run. As Aritriel attempted to open the door, Chiandra had to suddenly vacate, as a physician came up to the door and opened it to find the Wood Elf standing right there.


The physician and the two cooks that followed him pulled out their daggers and nearly stabbed Aritriel to death. Chiandra and her Amber Wizard friend, who saw this encounter, came rushing in to help and wound up killing the attackers. Ada Fehr mentioned that the portrait was the stuff of Chaos and must be destroyed. She smashed it with her staff, then decided to follow the heroes for a quick exit.

Though they didn’t get away stealthily, the heroes did outrun the guards. Now escaped from the town, and considered fugitives, the heroes must decide where to go next…


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