Aritriel called him 'friend' once...


Uses wood elf stats.


Siluvaine was Aritriel’s scouting partner for many years around Athel Loren. They were an effective team. When Aritriel was exiled from Athel Loren under the false pretenses of her being involved with Chaos, Siluvaine refused to believe this, but wisely kept his mouth shut.

Since then, he started retracing Aritriel’s steps, even investigating the missing persons fliers. Like his old friend, he too found himself in the slave fighting pits, but was unlucky enough to be immediately caught by guards.

Appearances: Session 06, 17.

He reunited with Aritriel and met her friends while escaping the floating Slaanesh fighting fortress above the Middle Mountains. After the fortress crashed into the mountain, he disappeared and hadn’t been seen until Aritriel returned to Athel Loren.

Kidnapped by their commanding officer, Aritriel came down from the Empire to save Siluvaine from his predicament. Their reunion was cut short when their king, Orion, separated them.


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