Ex-Captain of the local militia, Ubersriek


Captain of the local militia in Ubersriek, though he obviously doesn’t carry as much political weight as his Reiksguard counterparts who also help police the city.

Metrius met Aghar and Gustave after they vanquished Skaven in Ubersriek, and was shocked to find that they could prove that what he thought were mythical ratmen to truly exist! He took their statements regarding catching a thief from Bogenhafen, and about the ratmen’s ambush in the sewers.

Session Appearances: 04, 06, 19

Since then Metrius had been looking for missing people in Ubersriek, only to wind up missing himself and thrown into slave fighting pits. He was rescued by Aghar, Gustave, Aritriel, and Spoonsworth. Though he was critically injured during their escape, he was brought back to a small mining town called Esk in the province of Hochland. He recovered alongside the refugee slaves.

After that, he suffered health problems due to the never-ending cloud of dust surrounding the Middle Mountains. He was eventually dismissed from the Esk watch and ended up meeting a ferry captain who took him on. The ferry captain eventually died of natural causes and Metrius took it upon himself to ferry up to Kislev where he met Aritriel again.

Aritriel stole money under Metrius’ nose, then convinced him to drink a fire potion that ultimately killed him and burned down his boat.


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