Heironymous Ruggbroder

Merchant Noble of Bögenhafen


A large and honourable gentleman with a serious demeanor. He wastes no time, even amongst his closest ‘friends’, and focuses primarily on business and protecting his assets.


First Appearance: Session 12

Heironymous Ruggbroder first met with Celestial Wizard Apprentice Jocoff Lustig, who brought along Chiandra and Kaspar as his bodyguards.

He agreed to pay the adventurers 500 gold should they prove that his rivals in the Ordo Septarius were actually a Chaos Cultists. The adventurers proved themselves, and he paid them as promised.

Ruggbroder now owns most of the merchant business in Bögenhafen, and is using his influence to say that HE was the one who flushed out the Cultists in the first place.

Heironymous Ruggbroder

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