The commoner ...that's it, he's just common.


A poor-looking man with no shoes and just the rags on his back. He’s wiry, and looks many years older than he actually is. Has a tendency to look at people’s feet and not their eyes.


Gelfrat took what money he had left and ran for two days from Ussingen to Bögenhafen to ask the heroes for help in freeing his town from a usurping self-righteous warlord named “Sigmaris” Remermann. The heroes turned him down, but offered to come back and help him once they were done with their 2-day mission from Aythe Dorfbacher.

The heroes paid for 3-days worth of food, bath, and shelter for the poor commoner at Tall Telly’s Tavern in Bögenhafen.

Session Appearance: 05, 07

After being ousted from Tall Telly’s, Gelfrat was forced onto the streets. He was later found by Aritriel heading northward towards Talabecland when he and his companions, Kirstin and Ilsa, were ambushed by mutants. Aritriel had Gelfrat and Kirsten seek shelter on the ferry before taking on the mutants herself. Ilsa did not survive the attack, and Gelfrat and Kirstin were whisked away by the ferry’s passengers as they had no desire to bring Aritriel back on board.


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