The exiled archer-enthusiast scout.


For her entire life Aritriel had lived in the same elven village among the trees. At an early age she picked up her first bow and found that she was a natural. As soon as she was old enough she joined the village guard as a scout.

She was very happy with her life until one day she stumbled upon a shady deal being made between her village leader and chaos cultists during one of her scouting runs. She thought she had slipped away unseen but the cultists had already been watching her. She ran back to the village to report what she had seen to her superiors only to find then doubting her story. She was told to get some sleep and they would sort things out in the morning. However that very night she was awoken abruptly by a couple village guards coming to arrest her. She was taken before the village leader and her superior and accused of treason. The village leader had apparently implicated her as the one making deals with the cultists. They banished her from the town with only the clothing she wore and nothing else. With the threat of execution if she returned she headed out on her own into the wilderness.

After wandering the wilderness she eventually found a road leading to a human town and began imediately looking for a job as she had no money. While looking she came across a doorway with a symbol above it she had never seen before. Curiosity overwhelming her she stepped through…


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