The Perils of Chaos

Session 17 (2519-08-07): Return to Athel Loren

Our broke and poor adventurers acted as caravan guards for Bretonnians going through the Axe Bite Pass, a break in the Grey Mountains that connected the Empire of Man to the neighbouring nation of Bretonnia. Once they arrived at the border town of Jouinard, the heroes immediately took off to a ferry and headed downstream to Athel Loren.

Aritriel explained that her fellow Wood Elf and friend, Siluvaine, was kidnapped, and she was determined to save him. Chiandra and Loghar faithfully followed.

The ferry ride was fraught with drama and adventure, as Aritriel stole money to pay for meals, Loghar stopped the ferry from sinking, and both elves wound up getting ambushed and tattooed by the Cult of the Purple Hand (last seen in Altdorf, Session 09).

Finally, the heroes arrived at the mountainside town of Parravon, which bordered on Athel Loren. Aritriel took it upon herself to steal more supplies for their journey into the dangerous and enchanted forest including a mace for Chiandra and Iron Rations for the road.

Through the treacherous forest, the heroes survived right up until one night, they had another prophetic vision. This one was far more detailed and vivid than any previous dream…

The heroes stood on a snow-capped mountain. Chiandra could spy a black sphere in the sky far to the north which horrified her. They climbed down the mountain and found a cave. Inside were beasts, daemons, poisonous gas, a maze of mirrors, and finally a big room with a crown at the other end.
Aritriel made her way to the crown, but was interrupted by a giant daemon with wings, axe, and whip. The creature was taller than any building or mountain they had ever seen before and terrified everyone.
The dwarf Loghar mumbled to himself and Chiandra saw his eyes turn black. Aritriel dashed to the crown and once she touched it, knew that this was a Chaos shrine in the World’s Edge Mountains far to the north. His vision also faltered to show that the crown he was grabbing was actually Siluvaine, and was comically putting her Wood Elf friend on top of her head.

Loghar and Aritriel realized they were having another prophetic vision and found themselves back in Athel Loren. The enormous daemon was now a much more manageable Tree Kin creature. Loghar slapped Chiandra across the face to snap her out of her dream-state.

Together, Loghar and Chiandra fought and beat the Tree Kin monster, while Aritriel and Siluvaine engaged in a Social Battle against the important-looking Wood Elf standing nearby. Everyone overheard Aritriel blaming her old commander for dealing with Chaos Cultists and framing her. The commander eventually fumbled on his words and was about to draw when they were interrupted…

…by Orion, King of Athel Loren. The impressive Orion overheard everyone and made a judgement. A legion of archers behind the king turned the commander into a pincushion. Orion also pointed to Aritriel and said that based on their argument and the commander’s slip at the end of their argument she is likely innocent. However, Aritriel and her friends seemed to have brought Chaos into the forest with her, and exiled her on the spot.

The quickest way out was through the Oak of Ages, and its root travel system. The heroes stepped into the tree, and it closed around them. Next, they were enveloped in light…


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