The Perils of Chaos

Session 16 (2519-08-03): The Empire Strikes Back

The heroes journeyed from the besieged small town of Osburg and headed west to Ussingen where the Reikland Rebels had first originated. The rebels previously conquered east and pillaged and razed hamlets, farms, and settlements all the way to Morlenfurt. Aghar Steelfist lent the heroes 3 horses to make it to Ussingen within the day while he and his crew liberated Morlenfurt.

On the way to Ussingen, the heroes met a human woman who was hungry. On closer inspection, she was corrupted by Chaos! The woman was looking to bury a cart full of corrupted dead bodies under a ceremony of Morr in the next town after escaping the evil rebels who had done this to her and her family. Hoping to stem the infection of Chaos, Loghar Ironfoot killed the woman and burned her body and her cart before they could spread the infection in Osburg.

When they reached a proper township, the heroes approached the human settlement by the main road and were met by 3 archers and 3 swordsmen. The non-humans were greeted rather rudely and asked for their business here, Chiandra replied they were here to kill the rebels. At that point, the 6 Reikland Rebels began attack the heroes. The heroes fought valiantly but were ultimately beaten and stripped of their belongings and wealth.

The leader of the rebels vowed to kill the “non-human filth” and demanded a public hanging. The heroes had just enough time to escape their bindings, and were forced to flee across a river and camp at the base of the Grey Mountains. Aritriel was able to hunt boar and feed everyone. The heroes returned to Ussingen the next day with their scavenged equipment to free the town from rebels. They found the leader alone in his office, and he seemed to recognize Aritriel before launching his attack on her.

Despite becoming further corrupted by Chaos during the fight, the rebel leader eventually died, and the heroes were able to get some of their equipment back. The heroes then fled Ussingen without further incident. The rebels would hopefully be crippled without their leader, but it came at a terrible cost. The rebels had taken their wealth, weapons, items, and left the heroes critically wounded. On top of that, the mission was so stressful to Aritriel that she was now suffering Insanity.

The heroes returned to Osburg and waited for Aghar Steelfist and his contingent to return from cleansing Morlenfurt. The dwarf was disappointed in his lack of return of property, and demanded recompense at a later time. The heroes then went to Helmgart where they rested. Aghar also gave Loghar special dwarven armor and the blueprints to make them, so he can return to Zuftbar and allow his people to make them too.

Geralt also arrived, with grim news. Meingot Ripertus convinced their previous noble benefactor Heironymous Ruggbroder from Bögenhafen to turn against them, and is now heading south to continue his search for the heroes. The human also mentioned to Aritriel that he met some of her “friends” outside who gave him a scroll to pass on, which read that Aritriel’s friend Siluvaine was now in Wood Elf custody and would only be saved if Aritriel came back home to answer for her crimes. On top of that, Geralt asked Chiandra to write her support for Aythe Dorfbacher which would be a setback her political rival, Baron Jorge Heiligdorfer. The high elf tried to think back and forth of how to write the letter, but ended up supporting Aythe Dorfbacher in the end.

Low on funds and being told to leave Helmgart by Aghar, the heroes decided to act as bodyguards for a Bretonnian-bound caravan.


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