The Perils of Chaos

Session 14 (2519-07-25): Shadows Over Bögenhafen 3

Kaspar followed Dorothie to a locked room in the fancy Feathered Hat Inn. The Baron’s Agent turned to the Shroud of Morr, and they traded information on the evil Chaos Cult, Ordo Septarius, when an assassin failed to strike down Dorothie.

Kaspar killed the assassin, but Dorothie was critically injured. The agent told the priest to find Baron Jorge Heiligdorfer who snuck out to the heroes’ boat on the Ostendam.

Meanwhile, Chiandra panicked on the boat. The High Elf thought her employer, Jocoff Lustig was dead. He was, in fact, not. The Celestial Wizard apprentice did not like the abrupt wake up in the middle of the night. They then reunited with a bloodied Loghar and the stealthy Aritriel. Moments later, Baron Jorge Heiligdorfer also arrived and told them how evil the Ordo Septarius really was.

Being the loud mouth that he is, Heiligdorfer was attracting attention of dock workers. After much discussion (without the Baron), the heroes decided to send the boisterous baron with the wizard, and their boat, to the safety of Lady Dorfbacher’s castle.

By this time, Kaspar reunited with his team, and an odd-looking messenger boy arrived too. Chiandra eyed the human boy suspiciously, but Aritriel took the scroll from the boy anyway. The little one quickly ran away as silently as he came. The scroll he delivered was from Heinrich Steinhäger, younger brother to the known Cultist, Franz. It read that he wanted to see the heroes as quickly as possible at his home on the Adel Ring (the fancy part of town).

At the Steinhäger estate, the heroes were escorted into the mansion’s study by a butler. In the study, they discovered Heinrich’s body cut open, and used his own blood to write, “WHSE” before dying. At the same time, the butler was outside the house yelling, “Help! Murder!”. The being then teleported into the house, grinned evilly, and threatened the heroes before he disappeared again.

The heroes escaped out the back, and ran into Hob the Halfling. The sneaky demi-human told them about the Ordo Septarius meeting he spied on, and it was happening in either Warehouse 13 or 17. The cowardly halfling then wanted to run from the city, and the heroes didn’t convince him to stay.

The heroes raced against time to the Warehose district! They dodged a Watch patrol in which their wood elf scout got separated from them. Next they ran into an angry mob that chased an arsonist who was none other than… Aritriel?! This “Aritriel” didn’t act like the one they knew, and pushed past the heroes to disappear in a black smoke. Eventually the heroes were forced to take a detour around a large Watch patrol, which took up time.

At the Warehouse district, the group decided to split up and look into the different warehouses. Loghar and Aritriel went to Warehouse 17, where the Wood Elf broke into the building to find this was Ruggbroder’s property, and was quickly attacked by two dogs and a night patrolman who was calling for the Watch. There were no Chaos Cultists here.

Meanwhile, at Warehouse 13, Chiandra and Kaspar used their keen eyes to tell the place was being patrolled by the Stevedores Guild. They also saw Heironymous Ruggbroder being taken into the warehouse in a sack. The stealthily passed the guards and picked the lock to the warehouse. There, they found the white-robed Cultists, about to prepare their human sacrifice!

The two of them rushed in, and knocked crates over to delay the ritual just long enough for Aritriel and Loghar to arrive on scene. The Wood Elf protected the unconscious and bound nobleman, while the dwarf battled off the ruffians attacking Aritriel.

It was a tough struggle, with one of the nine Cultists even turned into a daemon. Upon its death, a booming inhuman voice echoed in the very souls of everyone in that warehouse: “GIDEON, WHERE IS MY PORTAL?” The daemon squealed in horror and pain as it disappeared in black smoke, as did Johannes Teugen, the alleged ringleader of the Ordo Septarius…


The 3 surviving cultists surrendered. Herr Ruggbroder was freed. The City Watch came and took statements, agreeing not to arrest the adventurers due to the nobleman’s claims that they were, in fact, heroes.

The green moon Morrslieb gave a look of disappointment before its face disappeared and it returned to its regular (albeit erratic) orbit.

The heroes didn’t get a big parade, but a measily thanks from the Watch Captain, and the 500 gold from Heironymous Ruggbroder. The noble merchant then spent the next week sending out messengers throughout the city to announce that the city was Cultist-free thanks to him (and some thanks to the heroes). He also annexed the assets of his rivals, the Steinhägers and Teugens, becoming the most powerful man in Bögenhafen.

Elves Chiandra and Aritriel spent time in seclusion of a Shallya temple, paying for long-term care to remove diseases and critical wounds. Kaspar regularly told the Watch what a terrible job they did.

Baron Jorge Heiligdorfer returned to Bögenhafen without Celestial Wizard apprentice Jocoff Lustig, but with Lady Aythe Dorfbacher‘s agent, Gustav who took time to congratulate the heroes and to mention the job still stood for removing the rebels in the Reiklands in Dorfbacher’s name.


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