The Perils of Chaos

Session 13 (2519-07-24): Shadows Over Bögenhafen 2

The heroes slept on Celestial Wizard Apprentice Jocoff Lustig’s boat for another night, after being chased through the sewers a third (and hopefully final) time. The four adventurers woke up to a strange green sunlight. Above them the green moon Morrslieb was hovering so close to the town, one could almost touch it.

Kaspar asked Jocoff to look over the evidence they hauled from the Steinhäger offices from last night. It included a note regarding a meeting tonight at Councilor Teugen‘s home, and black leather-bound spellbook with the name ’Teugen’ written on it. Councillor Johannes Teugen is the most prominent noble man in Bögenhafen. The evidence, the heroes decided, was not conclusive enough to use against one of the most important men in the city.

Aritriel then approached Dorothie for advice. She brought them to Baron Jorge Heiligdorfer. The heroes explained their case to the boisterous man regarding the Ordo Septarius being a Chaos Cult. Though the Baron didn’t completely believe them, he offered to keep an eye on Teugen while meeting the group tonight.

Chiandra lead the group to see Magistrate Richter, the Court Stocks and Festival Judge who previously sent the group into the sewers after the 3-legged goblin. They met with his assistant, Andrea, and found that the Magistrate saw the Captain of the Watch yesterday, then felt ill today. The heroes visited the Magistrate’s home to see he was dying of Purple Brain Fever!

On the way back to Heiligdorfer‘s house, the heroes bump into a victim halfling being tossed around by bigoted humans. They intimidated the villains, brought Hob the halfling to a healing tent run by one human Elvyra Kleinestun. The heroes then offered to pay the halfling 4 gold to spy on the meeting in Councilor Teugen’s home.

The four heroes also ran into 8 thugs who threatened the adventurers to leave town or else…

The heroes then did a reconnaissance on the Councilor’s home from far away, hoping Hob was spying on the meeting just then. After a few hours, members of the Ordo Sepatarius departed. Jorge Heiligdorfer was walking away from his home and further into town. Aritriel followed stealthily, seeing Heiligdorfer enter the Feathered Hat Inn. Next, Aritriel headed back to the boat.

Loghar thought it was best to split up, and meet Hob at the appointed location: Jocoff Lustig’s boat. On his way back he was cornered by 4 thugs. Loghar beat killed three and the last one ran.

GM’s Note: Loghar had 6 HP left (add Toughness value after the fight).

Chiandra, who failed to follow stealthily on Heiligdorfer’s trail, chose to head back to the boat too, and was tailed by another 4 thugs. She ducked and weaved through the streets, and lost them by the time she returned to the boat safely.

Kaspar didn’t bother hiding, and strolled into the Feathered Hat Inn- a plush gold tier inn, where Dorothie met him and made a scene of how good it was to see him, and that he was expected. Dorothie took Kaspar up to the Baron’s room.

Above Bögenhafen, Morrslieb’s eyes were now wide open. Its grin was so large it almost split the entire orb’s face. Whatever was attracting its attention, it was going to happen really soon…


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