The Perils of Chaos

Session 12 (2519-07-21): Shadows Over Bögenhafen

Prologue: Reunion Before Bögenhafen

The heroes met with Geralt and Aythe Dorfbacher at Castle Dorfbacher. Aythe explained her rise to power and political rival Jorge Heiligdorfer has it out for her. The Lady of the castle offered the PCs a lot of gold to put an end to the uprising in the south of the Reiklands province in her name.

Geralt admitted his real name was Gustav. A man who previously journeyed with Aritriel and helped rescue 40 slaves. A horrible person named Meingot Ripertus wanted to stop and persecute their old adventuring party. Ripertus is Witch Hunter Heinricus Gebauer’s apprentice, soon to arrive.

Act 1: Excitement in Bögenhafen

The party left first thing the next morning, after their prophetic dreams haunted them again. In Bögenhafen, a festival was happening, called the Schäffenfest! Jocoff docked his boat, and the party went through a series of experiences:
– Heard Max Ernst was in town as the champion fighter in the local wrestling ring.
– Visited the Mourner’s Guild, met the Auger Gilda who offered to help with the adventurers’ dream interpretation.
– Delivered a letter of intent to meet a noble merchant called Heironymous Ruggbroder.
Aritriel met Dorothie, who asked for help but couldn’t talk long in public.
– Stopped a 3-legged goblin from escaping a freak show event.
– Met showrunner Dr Malthusius at the Freakshow, who thanked the heroes, and offered them a gold each for saving his attraction.
Aritriel had her fortune read from a teller who knew about the wyrdstone incident with Kaspar and Chiandra. The teller predicted: “I see a dark place- a narrow place, with water. There is death there. Beware of a big man, a rich man. He will bring much danger. I see a dark man- he is not what he seems. The sign of the rose is red, dripping with blood… I see seven men, and two. One of the two will destroy the other and many more besides. Yes, yes… the great kills the small, and the highest serve the lowest. You are in great danger. The eye of Evil is upon you!”
– Visited the Freakshow again and saw the 3-legged goblin escape into the sewers. The Watch intervened and brought the players into the Festival Court and Stocks along with Dr. Malthusius.

At the Festival Court and Stocks, one Magistrate Richter inquired as to what the commotion was around the Freakshow. It was explained that Dr. Malthusius lost his 3-legged goblin into the sewers. Eventually it was decided that Dr Malthusius would pay the heroes for the safe return of the goblin, and the Magistrate would offer to match the payment for clearing the monster out of the sewers too.

Magistrate Richter also offered stay at a gold-tier inn called the Journey’s End. The heroes dropped off their unnecessary items and gold at the inn before entering the dangerous sewers.

Act 2: Darkness Under Bögenhafen

The heroes entered the sewers with only Loghar’s light to show the way. They fought off a swarm of bats, and discovered the start of the goblin’s blood trail. They had also discovered a door with an odd depiction on it- a spoon-like symbol with an Ace of Clubs in the oval. Though the trail had nothing to do with the door, the heroes thought they’d open it anyway.

The heroes burst open the door and found three surprised men gambling inside. The men make no move to attack the heroes, and encouraged them to come inside. As everyone walked inside, one of the gamblers presses a switch that opens the floor beneath them. The last thing they see is a group of men jumping over them and knocking them out.

The heroes woke up, bound and gagged to a chair, as one man picked his fingers with a dagger explained (in an impressive monologue) that he and his many friends like their secret little clubhouse and would prefer no one said anything. The heroes all agree to keep a secret too, but it was a massive surprise to Aritriel that the man vaguely threatening them was none other than Duggan Spoonsworth!

After a brief reunion, Spoonsworth lead them back to the sewers and allowed them to collect their belongings. They re-equipped themselves and carried on, following the goblin’s blood trail through the dangerous sewers. How dangerous? They didn’t realize that the air was getting so foul that they were walking through a methane pocket, and Loghar’s lantern caused an explosion, damaging the heroes but not dazzling them enough to slip and fall into the effluent channel.

Finally, the heroes arrived at a door where the green blood trail ended. Aritriel used skullduggery to open the door, and they found that it was a temple guarded by a daemon! Despite the fearful and intimidating presence, they vanquished their foe and took time to search the room.

They found a locked cabinet with instruments used for Chaos rituals, a handkerchief with the initials “F.S.”, a symbol with the words, “Ordo Septarius”, and a pentacle that Kaspar immediately destroyed. They left the room and found a nearby manhole cover to pop out of. It was now dusk, and found themselves in the warehouse district.

Their first order of business was to investigate which building was above the temple, but was hard to do that when you smelled like the sewers. The heroes couldn’t even get back to use their bed at the Journey’s End. They eventually bathed in the River Bögen.

As they came out cold and wet, Jocoff Lustig watched them from his boat, still docked along the Ostendam.

Instead of sleeping, the heroes then investigated the warehouse location and found that it was owned by the Steinhäger family. Unfortunately it was guarded by a man named Anton who claimed he slew a 3-legged goblin, and couldn’t get past him. After multiple unsuccessful attempts (including a drinking contest between Anton and Loghar), everyone decided to collect their stuff from the Journey’s End.

Now that it was morning, the landlord of the Journey’s End would only have allowed the heroes to go into their room (who some kept money there) after they paid their expenses. Grumbling over the losses, they paid, then decided it was time to do a proper investigation into who was setting up a Chaos temple underneath Bögenhafen.

Act 3: Shadows Over Bogenhafen

The heroes first all stopped by Doctor Malthusius’ tent and inquired about the 3-legged goblin. Malthusius somewhat confirmed the seedy guard from last night’s story, saying Town Hall mentioned that it was crushed by warehouse boxes. He apologized for wasting the heroes’ time and offered brandy and cigars. Instead, the heroes felt they needed to get to the bottom of this mystery. This was most likely happening by high-level noble families.

It suddenly hit Chiandra: If it was noble merchant families behind this, who was Jocoff going to see today?! She and Kaspar, who originally agreed to protect the Celestial Wizard, rushed to his boat. Kaspar advised the still-drunk Dwarf and Wood Elf to see about a reward from Magistrate Richter.

The heroes split up: Loghar and Aritriel visited the Festival Court and Stocks about their reward. They were told by Andrea, Magister Richter’s assistant, that he was in the middle of a trial. They would have to wait for him.

Kaspar and Chiandra met up with Jocoff Lustig, and explained to him the danger of the Steinhagers. The Celestial Wizard was visiting high-level merchant Heironymous Ruggbroder, so there shouldn’t be any danger… After meeting the noble, Jocoff inquired about the Ordo Septarius on the heroes’ behalf.

Ruggbroder despised the Ordo Septarius, and knew Franz Steinhager was part of it, alongside one Johannes Teugen and a recent member, Baron Jorge Heiligdorfer! He believed the Baron was so recent an addition that he could be swayed to believe that the Ordo is nefarious and should be left. Ruggbroder offered the heroes 500 gold for conclusive evidence regarding how evil the Odo is.

Meanwhile, Loghar and Aritriel finally met with Magistrate Richter who said that he can’t compensate the heroes for their problems with Journey’s End. Town Hall could. It was also Town Hall that told him the 3-legged goblin was crushed by warehouse boxes.

Finally the heroes reunited and exchanged information. They immediately tried entering the sewers but were caught by a Watch patrol, started arguing and resisting arrest, and were eventually taken to the Court and Stocks to pay a fine (this time given a sentence by a Magistrate who WASN’T Richter). Chiandra, motivated by 500 gold, was able to discover above ground sewer channels in the city that would allow them to enter the underground sewers without the Watch giving them trouble.

Before heading to the sewers, the adventurers did some reconnaissance around the Steinhäger warehouse, and found that last night’s bodyguard, Anton, had somehow drowned himself in the river the other night. What a dreadful… accident. They also decided to book an appointment with Franz’s brother Heinrich tomorow morning.

The heroes ran into more issues when in the sewers. The elves contracted diseases making too much contact with the effluent channel. They arrived back at the underground temple, only to find that the whole area was cleaned up. They also found a secret entrance, followed it up a long stone staircase, and a possibly-booby-trapped door. Aritriel threw a throwing axe at the door to activate a magic trap, and threw it so hard that it crashed through the door and caused a panic on the other side.

Loghar was back top-side, noticing a large commotion at the Steinhäger warehouse. The dwarf mercenary thought it was best to walk away and take a rinse at the Ostendam.

The elves also thought it was best to vacate the vicinity and ran through the sewers blindly. So blindly they became lost and wound up spilling out into the river rather than find the original exit. The heroes once again washed themselves in the river from smelling like sewage…

…and Jocoff Lustig was on his boat watching them the whole time. Loghar thought he could get a proper bath from the boat, but Jocoff instead pushed him over the side. Chiandra rescued the dwarf, who was equipped with heavy armour, from drowning.

The heroes, having been awake for nearly 36 hours, slept restlessly through the afternoon. They had an awful feeling they were being watched. They woke up in the evening and decided to break into the Steinhäger offices.

Loghar acted as a distraction (having failed his stealth check), while the elves made it in. Chiandra checked Heinrich’s office and found nothing. Aritriel checked Franz’s office and found an Ordo Septarius meeting note, a black book with the name ‘Teugen’ on it, and a bronze medallion with the Ordo symbol on it.

Unfortunately they caused so much noise that a guard woke up and came after them. They found the secret entrance to where the temple used to be in Franz’s office. They followed it down, but realized they were still going to get caught by this old guard. Instead of taking the guard out, the elves went through the sewers again, came out, bathed in the river…

…and Jocoff Lustig happened to see them again from the comfort of his boat, starting to regret his decision in bringing these heroes with him.

Still, the heroes hauled a good deal of evidence, and Chiandra hoped it was enough for Ruggbroder to consider it conclusive evidence.


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