The Perils of Chaos

Session 11 (2519-07-21): Return to Castle Grauenburg

Heading downstream to a nearby castle for proper interrogation, the passengers on Jocoff Lustig’s boat met a full-plated knight sailing from the opposite direction. The knight begged for help in search of his Lady, and happened to recognize Aritriel. Jocoff also recognized the Knight’s voice.

A river troll suddenly appears and divides the group up. Aritriel, Loghar, and Gebauer, are trapped on one side of the River Bogen. Kaspar, Chiandra, and the Knight, are on the other. After defeating the river troll, the knight encourages the heroes to regroup at the castle, meaning they’ll have to hike through the forest and hopefully pass by his Lady along the way.

Through the forest, Chiandra thought she saw a face in the trees, but before long the heroes stumbled upon a cottage in the woods. Just outside was a dead man whose last words to the heroes were, “I trusted her..!” He wore an out-of-place silver pendant with a vague depiction of a beastman on it. Chiandra took it with her.

Inside were 3 beastmen and a golden-haired Aythe Dorfbacher! The heroes rescued Dorfbacher who explained that she is now the Lady of Castle Grauenburg, now Castle Dorfbacher, and mentioned there had been increased beastman attacks on the castle walls.

Dorfbacher led an assault into the forest to hopefully root out the beastmen and stop the nightly attacks, but her platoon got scattered and killed. Dorfbacher found shelter at a hermit’s cottage. She honestly didn’t recognize the dead man at the front when they left.

The heroes finally made it back to Castle Dorfbacher, where the Witch Hunter and crew had also arrived. Gebauer finished interrogating the adventurers, who would reunite, sleep, and head out to Bögenhafen in the morning.


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