The Perils of Chaos

Session 10 (2519-07-20): Night of Blood

Chiandra and company woke to the smell of their boat being on fire! Running to the deck, they were confronted by the scarred older gentleman who’d been following them. With the surprising help of Aritriel’s bow from the shoreline, they were able to stop the thugs from killing them in the middle of the dark and stormy night.

Celestial Wizard Lustig put out the fire and immediately docked the boat in an attempt to make repairs. Chiandra and Kaspar then met up with Aritriel and Loghar who followed them from Altdorf about the two nobles who were killed. Kaspar explained they weren’t responsible, and shared a letter he found on the old, scarred man’s body.

They stood near the Hooded Man Inn, and immediately found a blood trail in the ferry terminal shack. The adventurers then investigated the stable and found a cannibalizing mutant eating the body of a stable boy. After dispatching the mutant, they investigated the inn and found some shady characters they immediately didn’t trust including fat man Otto and ‘Roadwarden’ Hans.

Aritriel overheard Otto and Hans admitting they were Nurgle-worshiping Chaos Cultists. The adventurers then did a thorough investigation later in the night when they could feel a change in the Winds- a ceremony of some kind was being done in the inn. They disrupted the ceremony and killed the Cultists before Witch Hunter Heinricus Gebauer appeared with Road Wardens.

Gebauer took statements, looked over the evidence, destroyed the remaining Nurgle daemons, killed a Road Warden when he became infected, and burned the whole property to the ground. Gebauer then commandeered Lustig’s boat and wanted to take everyone to “what was once known as Castle Grauenburg” for further debriefing.

He also mentioned that his newly-adopted apprentice, Meingot Ripertus, would soon join them.


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