The Perils of Chaos

Session 09 (2519-07-18): Mistaken Identity

Kaspar returned to the Haunted Cemetery and met with his mentor, brother and fellow Shroud, Roland Hindsmith. After Kaspar relayed his recent adventures with Hindsmith- including the Beastmen attack on the small town Werder, his doppelganger (or possible relative)’s body, and the strange vision/dream he had- his mentor decided he should investigate the doppelganger’s letter and large inheritance in Bogenhafen immediately.

Chiandra met a lanky Celestial wizard apprentice called Jocoff Lustig who asked her to be his bodyguard down to Bogenhafen. Chiandra accepted, and the two waited at the Boatman Inn for Lustig’s boat to be prepared and docked in Konigplatz where they ran into Kaspar who, after some conversation, decided to travel together on Lustig’s boat.

Suddenly, a dark-clad, vicious-looking man stalked into the bar: vigilante Max Ernst. The adventurers ignored him for the most part, until a pair of nobles walked in and started stirring up trouble. Chiandra wanted to start a fight but Ernst stepped in, insulting and blocking her from attacking the nobles. A bar brawl ensued and the nobles laughed at the spectacle. The fight ended in a draw, and Kaspar intimidated Ernst enough to leave the bar while he still could. The nobles also left now that the show was over.

Kaspar, Chiandra, and Lustig, head to Lustig’s boat. Along the way, Chiandra noticed they were being followed. They stealthily waited in an alley for their stalkers to walk by. It was the two odd men from the day before that tried to signal Kaspar with the ear-scratching signal. The two strangers were cut down by the older, scarred gentleman that signaled back to them from the day before.

Searching the bodies came up with a little loot and a purple hand tattooed on their chests. The adventurers came to the conclusion that they were cultists. Finally, they retired on the boat and woke up the next morning to Lustig coming back from the Merchants’ Square reporting he overheard that the two nobles last night had been killed and the Watch are looking for them for questioning.

With that, the crew left Altdorf, sailed through the Weissbruck Canal, and stopped temporarily at Weissbruck. There, they saw the older, scarred gentleman from before already at Weissbruck’s Black Gold Inn. After much debating, the three of them decided it was best to sail away from Weissbruck before that man finds out they’re here, and race away to Bogenhafen…


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