Welcome to the Old World

The world is ruled by the races of Men, most prominently the Empire of the Old World. Established by the warrior-turned-god Sigmar Heldenhammer, it has grown to become a nigh unapproachable global superpower 2519 years later. Yet the Empire is assailed from all sides – from the frozen north comes the perils of Chaos, from the east the Greenskin hordes, from underground the Skaven, and from within disunity sullies the glory of Sigmar’s Realm.

United by fate, a small band of adventurers may help the Empire survive its enemies. Chaos is never-ending, and heroes are always needed to keep the Empire safe and strong, else the End Times are truly upon us.

Campaign 03

The next session is October 21. The heroes have made their way into the first Chaos shrine ever built- and found more than they bargained for!


This is a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition Campaign, titled The Perils of Chaos. Get to know the world they live in: The Campaign Overview.

The heroes are Aritriel, Chiandra, Kaspar, and Loghar. Another campaign begins. Old threats return, and new ones emerge.

For a quick idea of how far the party has gotten, you can view their Quest page.

The Perils of Chaos

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